DMS -10an High Flow Billet Catch Can

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DMS -10an High Flow Billet Catch Can

The DMS catch can is engineered to utilize air velocity developed by crankcase pressure to aid in separating oil droplets from this crankcase air. As the air/oil mixture enters the DMS can its forced into a circular path. This circular motion allows the oil droplets to cling to the side of the can while allowing the clean air to escape through another engineered feature. The center of these catch cans have a velocity reduction chamber providing another area for heavy solids to fall out as the exiting air slows down during its final journey though the breather element. The inlet(s) are -10 ORB and can be adapted to -6an, -8an or -10an in the first option list.

We offer two base heights 90mm and 130mm. The 90mm will hold up to 7 ounces of liquid while the 130m version can hold up to 12 ounces. Pick this option based on your available space. See our dimensions image for overall height.

For mounting you have 3 options. 1. A pair of M6X1.00 threaded holes on the top for mounting a custom bracket. 2. A cheap but effective solution using a basic Adel clamp for easy mounting. 3. The DMS Billet Aluminum clamp with a pair of M6X1.00 threaded holes on the back side.