LSA Camshaft and Install Package

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LSA Camshaft and Install Package

Take the guess work out of your cam install with the DMS LSA camshaft package. We've combined a number of parts that we use on all of our in house cam installs. Need help picking what cam is right for you? Give us a call 512-402-7495 we've tested just about every combination and can help you pick a cam that suites you best.
Your Choice of Camshaft
Chromoly 5/16 Pushrods
Your Choice of Timing Chain (IWIS is standard)
GM 4 pole timing gear
ARP Cam Gear Bolts
GM LS2 chain dampner
GM Water Pump Gaskets
GM Front Cover gasket
GM Front Main Seal
ARP Crank Bolt
Please choose your options above.