DMS "She Gone" Spec PD LSA Camshaft

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DMS "She Gone" Spec PD LSA Camshaft
If you're looking for the ultimate blower camshaft look no further. The Shegone spec cam is a proven camshaft making over well over 800hp with the LSA supercharger. This cam is custom ground for us by Texas Speed using their state-of-the-art Landis CNC camshaft grinder starting with a 8620 cam core. Texas speed cam lobes are known for making great power while being easy on valve-train components.

Cam Specs: 233/248 .629/.615 LSA 116+XX

This is a radical cam with lots of chop along with excellent top end power. With a competent tuner this cam provides great driving manners even on a stock LSA torque converter.

Expected power output:

650-750 with a stock blower and supporting mods

800-850WHP with a Kong ported blower and supporting mods

900-950WPH with a Kong X-ported blower and all the supporting mods

1000-1200WPH with a 2650 and all the supporting mods