DMS 5th Gen ZL1 2 Gallon Engine Bay Tank

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DMS ZL1 2 Gallon Supercharger Engine Bay Tank

The Dedicated Motorsports coolant expansion tank for the 2012-2015 Camaro ZL1 adds 2 gallons of additional coolant capacity. This additional volume will not only help keep intake air temps lower but it will also allow air to escape the system making the system more efficient overall. This tank also aids in filling/bleeding the system thanks to the 2" billet filler cap. This kit comes complete with all 3 hoses and hardware to make a breeze.


General Dimensions:

Height 14"
Width 10.5"
Depth 3.5"

The DMS tank is constructed out of .125" aluminum, tig welded in house and powdered coated in a satin black finish. It features -12an (3/4 Inch) pushlock fittings, insulone hose and hardware for trouble free installation. Install time is about 45 minutes.