DMS V2 Coupe 6 Gallon Trunk Tank

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DMS 2009-2015 CTS-V Coupe 6 Gallon Trunk Ice Tank
EMP Pump is out of stock as of 10.28.21. If you opt to include the pump, we will ship out the tank separately and ship the pump when it becomes in stock.

If you're looking to add more coolant capacity to your 2009-2015 CTS-V Coupe, look no further. DMS brings you a 6 gallon trunk mounted ice tank that sits flush with the Coupe floor. This is the least intrusive trunk tank available for the coupe. Featuring -16 ORB inlet/outlet fittings and a 1/2 NPT Drain Bung. This tank is designed to be used with a remote mounted pump like the Stewart EMP or Pierburg. 


- 6 Inch Flip Up Cap
- Baffled with Ice Screen
- 16an ORB fittings can be adapted to -12an in the option list
- 4 Mounting holes for a secure install

Select your Inlet/Outlet Fittings size and for ease of installation we also offer fitting/hose kits above.

Trunk Carpet cover no longer fits (at least without trimming). Tank sits flush with trunk floor.