DMS Twin Turbo Kit 09-15 CTS-V

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DMS Twin Turbo Kit 09-15 CTS-V
Kits are 1-2 weeks out currently

The Dedicated Motorsports Twin Turbo Kit for the 09-15 CTS-V is proudly made in the USA using only the highest quality components available. Pay attention to the standard features below, our kit is the most comprehisive and inclusive kit on the market. Our shop car ran an 8.40 @ 170mph using the Xona rotor 9569S turbos which are also avalible in this kit. 

- Your choice of ball bearing turbos with Tial V-band Exhaust housings (select options below) .82AR Housings unless specified
- Stainless steel connection pipes for factory exhaust manifolds. Made from thick wall schedule 10 pipe for strength. V-Band connection
- Tial or Turbosmart 44mm Wastegates
- Stainless steel dump tubes (atmosphere)
- Stainless steel connection pipes
- Large front mount intercooler 22x14x4.5 Core
- Tial or Turbosmart 50mm Blow off valve (atmosphere)
- Aluminum Charge piping (with maf flange)
- Silicone Couplers and T-Bolt Clamps
- Oil feed adapter, premade oil lines and check valves
- DMS -10an low pro drain fittings
- Tilton oil scavenge pump (Plug and play harness)
- Oil scavenge tank and pre made drain lines
- Oil cap adapter for scavenge return
- Air filters

*Turbo Options Explained -

- VS Racing 62/62 DBB Billet (62mm Compressor Inducer, 62mm Turbine Exducer) - 1000-1200WHP The VS racing turbos are an inexpensive way to get started with your turbo build. The VS racing turbo line has been a solid performer despite the low cost. Stall converter required, Forged Engine and built trans suggested.

- Garrett GTX3576R Gen II (58mm Compressor Inducer, 62mm Turbine Exducer) 800-1000WHP - These provide very quick spool and will generate torque similar to the factory blower. A good match for stock converter, trans and engine.
- Garrett GTX3582R Gen II (66mm Compressor Inducer, 62mm Turbine Exducer) 1200-1300WHP - The GTX3582R is a proven performer with a long track record for success. These will provide moderate spool time and high power output. Forged engine and stall converter required.
- Xona Rotor XR7864S (62mm Compressor Inducer, 64mm Turbine Exducer) 1200-1300WHP - These will provide quick spool with the potential for big horse power without sacrificing low end grunt. A great middle ground turbo with lots of room to grow. Stall converter required, Forged Engine and built trans suggested.
- Xona Rotor XR8269S (64mm Compressor Inducer, 69mm Turbine Exducer) 1200-1500WHP - The 8269's are the next logical step when 1200hp doesn't get the job done. Forged engine, built trans and stall converter required.

Note: Horsepower numbers are estimated at a moderate boost level

Warranty disclaimer - There is no warranty expressed or implied on any turbochargers or electronics. The purchaser of any product releases the manufacturer of the part, Dedicated Motorsports, from all liabilities pertaining to the use of the part; buyer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of all products. The purchaser recognizes that any alteration or modification to any motor vehicle may increase the risk of injury or accident and may render the vehicle illegal for use on public roads and highways.