LSA ATI Damper Upper/Lower Pulley Combo

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LSA ATI Damper Upper/Lower pulley Combo

We've put together a winning combination using the best parts avalible for the LSA Supercharger drive system. Choose from a line of ZPE Griptec upper pulleys combined with an ATI Super Damper and lower overdrive pulley. We supply the correct size gates fleet runner belt, DMS 110mm idler and DMS +5mm idler relocation bracket. Need help choosing the right pulley size for your project? Give us a call 512-402-7495 we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Whats included:
- ATI Super Damper
- Lower pulley of your choice
- ZPE Griptec Pulley and 10 bolt hub
- EatonSolid Isolator
- DMS +5mm Idler Relocation Bracket
- DMS 110mm Idler Pulley
- Correct Size Gates Belt

DMS offers on site installation and tuning by our team of automotive professionals. Please contact us for further information.