FED LT4 6.2L Stage 1 Porting Service

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FED LT4 6.2L Stage 1 Porting Service

We're extremely excited to work with Frankenstein Engine Dynamics on this program. Every set of heads starts off here at Dedicated Motorsports where we go through a complete tear down and inspection. If the heads pass inspection, they are sent out to be ported. Once the porting is completed we reassemble the heads and prepare them for shipment.

Tech Specs: GM Gen V LT4 6.2 Porting Service

tandard powdered metal guides are replaced with a CHE bronze valve guide throughout the head

  • Reuse Del-West Titanium Intake Valves: 2.120″
  • Install Manley Stainless Exhaust Valves: 1.590″
  • Intake Volume: 325cc
  • Exhaust Volume: 118cc
  • Chamber: 61cc
  • Seats: Stock Iron
  • Guides: Bronze
  • Minimum Bore: 4.065″
  • Stock Rockers. Smith Brothers Trunnion Upgrade Kit Recommended
  • Springs: FED .660″ Dual LSX Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers
  • Intake Peak Flow: 366
  • Exhaust Peak Flow: 244

Also Includes:

  • Teardown
  • Wash
  • CNC Port
  • CNC Valve Job
  • FED Logo
  • Hand Blend
  • Surface 0.010″
  • Final wash and assembly
  • Pressure Test

The exchange process:

  • You send your existing stock heads in to us where they are torn down and inspected. Typically the same day the heads are received.
  • If the heads pass inspection, we ship you an existing set of already ported heads. This allows for the least amount of wait and downtime for your car and also allows us not to require a core charge.
Attn: Dedicated Motorsports FED
2217 Old Dennis Rd
Weatherford, TX 76087
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This is a core exchange program. Your heads are required before we ship newly ported heads. We try our best to keep at least a set in stock at all times to ensure you are waiting on parts as little as possible.