DMS "SW Special" Spec LT1/LT4 N/A and Supercharged Camshaft

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DMS "SW Special" LT4 PD Supercharged Camshaft


In 2018 we set out to find the best matched camshaft for the LT4 supercharger. Our perfect cam would display great drivability, an excellent power curve, easy tuning and a nice choppy idle. That cam is the "SW Special". This cam has a long list of accolades including setting the LT4 blower record back in 2020 going a 8.60 @ 160 MPH even with a stock SBE. We use this cam from 700hp mild builds all the way to 1100hp wild builds. 

Specs: Duration at .050 229-240, Lift .635-.635, Lobe Sep 116 This cam comes standard with a 38% fuel lobe.


Expected power output:

700-800 with a stock blower and supporting mods

800-840WHP with a Kong ported blower and supporting mods

840-950WPH with a Kong X-ported blower and all the supporting mods

1000-1200WPH with a Magnuson 2650 and all the supporting mods


When installing a camshaft on any Gen V engine, it is incredibly important to make sure you install a cam phaser limiter block. Engine damage will occure if this step is missed. Use the dropdown menu above to add one to your order.