DMS 50mm Supercharger Idler Pulley

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DMS 50mm Supercharger Idler Pulley

While the 50mm pulley is not the most ideal due to how tough the high RPM can be on bearings, there are times the 50mm is absolutely necessary. Commonly used to help achieve a certain belt length on the 09-13 ZR1 Corvette with the LS9 Supercharger system or for LSA supercharged cars allowing space for a larger OD crank pulleys. DMS recognized the issues other brands failed 50mm idlers so we decided to combine the best components possible to bring you the most relaible 50mm availbe. Starting with a pair of high rpm NTN bearings rated at over 45,000 rpm combined with a Spirolox one piece retainer to maintain balance. These pulleys are made out of 6061 billet, anodized black and come assembled with a pair of bearing spacers designed to be used with the factory bolt for ease of installation.

This pulley is 42mm wide allowing the use of up to an 11 rib belt. Pulley offset works on the LSA and LS9 supercharger belt drive system.

*There is no warranty implied on this item although it is designed to outlast any similar products by a 10:1 ratio.

Idler Pulley Install Guide