Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit for 2010-2015 Camaro (SS, ZL1, Z28, 1LE)

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The DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit for the 2010-2015 CAMARO (SS, ZL1, Z28, 1LE) is a competitively-priced alternative to the expensive and difficult-to-install return-style fuel-system conversions. It is also eliminates the need to run 'boost a pump' style controllers that spike fuel pump voltage, which tax and subsequently shorten the lifespan of the factory fuel pump. With properly sized fuel injectors, this Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit will easily support over 1,200 wheel-horsepower on gasoline, and over 800 wheel-horsepower on e85 ethanol based fuels.

The DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit mounts externally off your fuel tank and works in conjunction with your factory fuel pump, only when additional fuel volume is needed. The kit is centered around the-tried-and-true Walbro 255 Liter per hour fuel pump and is triggered by an industrial pressure switch, set to trigger at 8-10 pounds of boost. This means that the pump is passive when not in use (and thus silent), and active when additional fuel demands are required.

The pump includes an integrated check valve on the outlet as well as a 40 micron pre-filter to help protect the pump from any debris that could potentially cause damage. The wiring harness comes pre-assembled as seen in the photos all mounting bracketry, hardware, zip ties, and hoses are included in the kit. All fuel lines are pre-crimped using ethanol specific hose.

Fuel is supplied by drilling the tank and installing the supplied 90* pipe thread AN fitting along with the included sealant. We offer (and highly recommend) the optional drill bit and thread tap (3/8 NPTF) for an additional $50 to make the installation easier.

Very concise installation instructions with detailed photos are also included with each kit. Installation time for an experienced mechanic is under 2 hours. The factory fuel tank does not have to be removed, and no lift is required for installation.