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Matt's Turbo Lexus

Over the course of more than 15 years, the Lexus IS (chassis code SXE-10) has been proven a worthy platform for tuners to modify. While most retain the 2JZ inline-six, others choose to think outside the box. This video showcases one such vehicle...built, fabricated, calibrated, and driven by Matt Owen of Dedicated Motorsports. With a desire for a more usable powerband, an LS-based GM V8 (5.3L LC9) was swapped in using a Dedicated Motorsports engine conversion kit. For monstrous power, across the entire operating range, twin 70 lb/min turbos were added. Calibration is handled with a Motec M150. Retaining a (TR6060) 6-speed manual transmission and an independent rear suspension were also requirements for this build. The ultimate goal of all of this insanity? Run an 8 second quarter-mile pass. Bangin' gears every step of the way. Watch Matt's journey progress from the concept stage, to the build process, on to the tune, and the race for an 8 second pass.