Smooth Stage Bump Box

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Smooth Stage Bump Box

Smooth Stage™ allows cars/trucks to enjoy silky smooth transitions from PreStage to Stage Beams.
Staging at the drag-strip has always been a little tricky when dealing with ultra high HP cars/trucks. This matter is even more complicated for those that have large/laggy turbocharged vehicles or tight stall converters. Our customers needed a way to get up into boost in the pre-stage beams, then smoothly/consistently roll into the staged thus the Smooth Stage™ was created.
Being able to smoothly "slide" into the beams cuts down on the "drama". No more rocking,bucking,bumping, flickering beams, or red-light starts. Simple adjustments can be made with a single knob for different tracks, power levels, or launch rpms. Even though this box is simple to use, it's jam packed with hardcore digital technology inside, for years of worry free operation.