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Kong CNC Ported LSA Supercharger W/Core Exchange

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Kong CNC Ported LSA Supercharger W/Core Exchange

Kong Performance has been pumping out some solid numbers with their new CNC porting program for the LSA superchargers. We're proud to work with Kong performance on this program. Every blower starts off here at Dedicated Motorsports where we go through a couple tear down and inspection. If it passes inspection we notate any service parts and weld up all the spots to later be ported on Kong performance. Once the porting is completed we reassemble the blower the applicable 10 bolt pulley hub and any Eaton replacement parts necessary. Repeatability is key here with the consistency of the CNC machine we see an average of 60-100hp gain.

Note: We are only offering a core exchange if the blower is to be installed at our facility.