CSF C7Z Triple Pass Radiator

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CSF C7Z Triple Pass Radiator

Dedicated Motorsports has recently partnered with CSF, the cooling experts for over four decades, to create our highly engineered DMS C7 Drop In Radiator. Countless hours of engineering and testing were put into manufacturing our radiator to ensure the best quality and performance while drastically reducing coolant temperatures and optimizing space as a "Direct Bolt-In" replacement product. By adding our aftermarket performance radiator you will yield a 100% increase in efficiency over your current OEM radiator. Not only has CSF taken into consideration the space and functionality of this product, but the longevity as well, resulting in the increase of your C7's engine life.
Each Radiator Is:
-Individually leak tested
-Vibration cycle tested
-Thermal cycle tested
-Wind tunnel cycle tested.
-Burst pressure and impulse cycle tested for strength
-Salt spray tested for corrosion
-10 foot box "drop test" to ensure packaging protection
-30 point fitment inspection on critical dimensions to ensure OE fitment with no modifications necessary
CSF takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality aftermarket and performance parts for your race car. As both automotive professionals and enthusiasts we know exactly what it takes to perform at peak levels on both the track and street. That is why the C7 Radiator is hands down the best direct replacement cooling system for your existing OEM radiator.