Brand New '09-'15 CTS-V GM Certified Reinforced Intercooler Brick

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New GM Certified Reinforced Intercooler Brick for the '09-'15 CTS-V
Eliminate any potential downtime or just upgrade with a brand new GM Factory Certified intercooler brick. These intercooler bricks are:
Cleaned in a low PH solution.
At this point, a 5052 aluminum, .125 thick reinforcement plate will be TIG welded on the target area by one of our in-house fabricators.
This will be followed by a final pressure test to insure there are no leaks present.
Each unit is then dried and visually inspected again before packaging.

GM designed the intercooler 'bricks' in the Supercharged 6.2L LSA to withstand the stock boost level of about 8 psi. With increased boost levels produced by aftermarket upper/lower pulleys, the structure of the brick is not only subjected to higher boost pressures but also higher thermal loads. These two factors will inevitably cause the coolant end-tank to cave in, which results in a reduction of water flow within the core as well as a reduction in overall intercooler efficiency. Once the end-tank caves in the structural integrity of the brick itself may also be compromised, which can lead to higher intake air temps and coolant leakage (internal or external).

In order to address the inherent weakness of the OEM design, Dedicated Motorsports offers reinforced intercooler 'bricks' which are pressure tested up to 25 psi.

*Please note this is not a core program. You are purchasing a brand new GM Factory Certified reinforced intercooler brick.